We’re here to end burnout culture.
See HOW!

Meet our team

Stefan Cave
Co-founder & COO
Piia Kuosmanen
Co-founder & CEO
Roope Nortia
Co-founder & CTO
Sini Ågrén
Growth Lead

Our team has been through it. Our friends and family have been through it. You have been through it. Why on earth is this still happening?

We searched far and wide and found nothing that solves the problem. So we decided to build something that does. We want it to be easy to use, data-driven and based on top scientific research. Welcome to our revenge startup.

Come claim your revenge by ending burnout once and for all.


Meet our advisors

Lassi Lankinen
B2B SaaS sales for over 12 years in US, UK, Netherlands, Finland and other countries. Linkedin
Mari Luukkainen
Early-stage investor, ex 15% MoM (profitable) growth startup Head of Growth.Linkedin
Frank Martela
Double PhD, published author on meaningfulness, motivation and organizational wellbeing.Linkedin
Janne Peltola
Ex first data scientist at Supercell, built data models for mobile games with over 100m daily users.Linkedin
Hanna Smorodinzeff
VP of People Operations Revieve, a fast-growing technology company.Linkedin
Let's stop burnout!
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