"We wanted to strengthen our understanding of people's well-being and Velbi provided an excellent and efficient Slack tool for this."

Leo Stranius, CEO, Third Rock

Hi! 👋
I’m Linda.

I help tech teams with burnout and engagement issues!

I help you prevent burnout and improve employee engagement, productivity, and work life happiness with 16 mini-tests that are 1-minute long.

I'm where you are, in Slack.

All tests are based on wellbeing and burnout prevention research.

Nice to meet you!👋

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm here to tell you everything you want to know.

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Who is Linda for?

Linda from Velbi is for teams who work in high pressure environments, and who are looking for sustainable ways to consistently be their best at work.

Like Sales or Engineering teams who are process orientated from the beginning.

Do I have to pay? How much does it cost?

Linda from Velbi is completely free! However, it does have limited functionality (booooo!). 

Linda Pro is our paid plan, where you have full access to all features and functionality (yay!). The price for Linda Pro depends on the size of your team/organisation. 
Contact support@velbi.io for a quote.

But we promise, it's cheaper than therapy😉

What's the difference between the free version and the pro version?

With Linda from Velbi💙 you can:
🔹 Find out your current burnout risk
🔹 Access a limited number of articles to reduce your risk
🔹 Get an overview of your organisation's wellbeing 

With Linda Pro🧡 you can also:
Find the specific causes of your risk
🔸 Set and share your personal boundaries
🔸 Access a wider range of articles and exercises to reduce your burnout risk
🔸 Get an overview of each team in your organisation’s wellbeing 
🔸 Receive automatic reminders from Linda to boost usage
🔸 Configure settings to suit the needs of your organisation

How does my team benefit from using Linda?

Linda helps your team members:

👉 Understand what they need
Even when they might recognise it themselves.

Communicate what they need 
Preventing a small problem from becoming a bigger problem.

Develop new soft skills 
To support them in becoming a well-rounded professional.

This allows everyone to thrive at work.

Does Linda have hobbies?

Of course! Hobbies are an important way to stay healthy and balanced. In their spare time Linda practices taekwondo, plays video games (Zelda anyone?!), paints abstract art, and works tirelessly to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Is Linda from Velbi secure? Will using Linda be anonymous?

The short answer is yes.
You can find the long answer in our privacy policy.

Linda isn’t working, what now?

The easiest and quickest way to resolve your issue is to contact: support@velbi.io

One of the lovely members of Team Velbi will then get in touch with you.