5 Easy Questions To Measure Your Team's Burnout Risk.

September 8, 2022

Managing burnout within your team is an overwhelming task.

But the first step is simple: measure their burnout risk.

Ask them these 5 questions:

1️⃣ I feel mentally exhausted at work

2️⃣ I feel physically exhausted at work

3️⃣ I am not enthusiastic about my work

4️⃣ I can't control my emotions at work

5️⃣ I can't concentrate at work

Get your team (and yourself) to answer these questions using a scale where: 1 = strongly disagree, and 7 = strongly agree.

The next step is to calculate the sum of their answers and assess their burnout risk:

5 - 14 = low burnout risk

15 - 25 = moderate burnout risk

26 - 35 = high burnout risk

💡Velbi Top Tip💡

Avoid calculating the average burnout risk for your entire team. This may lead you to believe that your team is doing better than they actually are.

Instead, make a note of how many of your team members fall into each classification:

3 members = low burnout risk.

2 members = moderate burnout risk.

1 = high burnout risk.

Interpretating your team's results in this way will help you support the individual needs of your team members, in turn making them feel heard and valued.

This burnout top tip is based on the research of our Scientific Advisor, Frank Martela. Thanks Frank! 👏

Let's stop burnout!
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