60% Of Your Team Think That Working Lunches Are A Bad Idea.

December 5, 2022

If you’ve been following our LinkedIn activity recently, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been running quite a few polls (and a lot of funny marketing campaigns too. Woops). Here are a couple:

🤯 58% of your team are contacted outside of office hours.

🤝 Good leadership can decrease burnout risk by 51%.

And now this…

👉 60% of your team think that working lunches are a bad idea. 👈

To be clear, by “working lunch” we mean either of the following:

👉 Eating lunch at your desk while completing a work task.


👉 Attending a meeting where you eat your lunch and complete a work task with other members of your team.

Why do 60% of your team think they are a bad idea?

The answer is simple. Lunch time is for lunch. Nothing else. We need time in our work day to rest, recover and refuel. It’s just human nature. 🌳🍂

So next time you consider scheduling a meeting around lunch time. Think twice. And if you want to take it one step further, put a recurring lunch appointment slot in your work calendar to avoid the temptation altogether. 📅

Wow. All this talk has made me hungry. 🍜

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