Approaching Feedback The Right Way.

October 4, 2022

Giving feedback is incredibly important. But it can also be incredibly damaging if delivered the wrong way. Burnout, anyone?

Here are some important considerations that will help you approach feedback the right way. 👍

🤖 We’re not robots 🤖

When we receive constructive feedback, it’s hard to shake it off, whether at home or at work. As much as we try to separate our personal and our work selves, it’s extremely difficult.

--> Approach feedback giving sensitively, understanding that, whether they show it or not, the other person is not likely to feel great about it.

💂  We don’t like feeling off-guard 💂‍♀️

When something unexpected is communicated with us, especially if it’s something negative, we can quickly feel attacked. This can lead us to saying something we regret, or acting irrationally.

--> Before giving feedback, make sure you give the person receiving it the time to prepare for the conversation. This can just be a simple message sent a day before your more difficult discussion.

👂 We need to feel heard 👂

Whether we agree with the feedback or not, we often feel the need to give our own point of view.

--> After giving feedback, allow time and space for the other person to share their own thoughts. You should ask them: “what do you think about this?” and when they have finished talking, dig deeper by asking: “anything else?” You’ll be amazed how many more things this question will bring up.

🤝 We need to feel supported 🤝

We are more likely to accept feedback, and take the necessary steps to improve, if we have the support of the people around us.

--> After you have delivered the feedback, and given the space for the other person to share their thoughts, ask this question: “how can we work together to improve this situation?” This shows the other person that you’re genuinely interested in their development.

This Beating Burnout top tip was created by Team Velbi.

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