Be More Of A Baby.

November 14, 2022

Nope. We haven’t made a mistake. We believe that if you try and be more like a baby, you can successfully prevent/beat burnout.

Here’s how.

😭 Communicate your needs 😭

As children: when we needed something, we let the people around us know about it. We shouted. We cried. We did anything we could to get the support we felt was necessary.

As adults: we are scared of communicating our needs. We are worried that when we ask for things, we might be perceived as a failure.

We need to be more baby.

😴 Listen to your inner guidance 😴

As children: we were incredibly in-tune with our bodies and we listened to it. If we were tired, we fell asleep there and then, it didn’t matter if it was on the kitchen floor or outside in a pile of mud.

As adults: we are incredibly in-tune with our bodies but we don’t listen to it. When we’re tired, we choose not to sleep, we drink lots of coffee and try to “power through.”

We need to be more baby.

🤩 Follow your inspirations 🤩

As children: we got incredibly excited about things. When there was something particularly inspiring for us, like a new set of colouring pens, we’d spend hours and hours drawing. We'd lose track of time (admittedly, we weren't able to read it yet. But still).

As adults: we convince ourselves that we need to “grow up.” We prioritise work over everything else, because that’s what adults do. Even though we all secretly love drawing with a new set of colouring pens.

We need to be more baby.

Let's stop burnout!
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