Corporate Jargon Is Everywhere, And It's Not Helping

September 8, 2022

"Low hanging fruit", "get it over the line", "quick wins", "leverage".

Sound familiar? This is corporate jargon at it's "finest". It's everywhere, and it's not helping. Research has shown that using corporate jargon frequently:

🤷‍♀️ Disengages your team.
Corporate jargon is seen as style over substance. We've all been in those town hall meetings where every other word feels like corporate jargon. After 5 minutes we're struggling to concentrate.

📉 Reduces communication and productivity.
Corporate jargon is easily misunderstood. What has "low hanging fruit" got to do with achieving our goals?

👎 Works against your diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.
Corporate jargon is not common language or common knowledge. Using it risks members of your team feeling isolated.

So what can we all do about it? Easy. We can start replacing corporate jargon with the simple language we use with our friends and family.

Low hanging fruit/quick wins --› what's the easiest thing we can do.
Get it over the line --› let's get this job finished.
Leverage --› use.

This week's top tip was adapted from "The Happy Worker." A 2022 documentary film about burnout, a culture of silence at work and incompetent leadership.

Let's stop burnout!
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