Dare You To Streak.

September 8, 2022

We all know that Finns like to get naked. But that’s not what this is about…Ha!

It’s about behavioral change. It’s hard. Even if the change we want to make is small (like finishing work 10 minutes earlier each day). Thankfully, keeping track of your winning streak (✅✅✅) makes it much, much, easier. Let’s go through a few examples.

1️⃣ You want to leave work on time more often. ⌚

You physically put a sticky note on your laptop that says: “Leave work on time!” Each time you do, you leave a tick (✅) on the sticky note.

2️⃣ You want to send more positive feedback to your colleagues. 🙌

You write “Positive feedback winning streak” on your office whiteboard. Each day that you send positive feedback to a colleague you draw a smiley face on the board.

3️⃣ You want to reach out to your team more regularly to make sure they are doing ok. 🤝

You take an empty jar and you put a label on it: “Reach out jar”. You place the jar on your desk. Every time you reach out to your colleagues you put a paper clip (or something similar) in the jar.

Each of these three examples remind you to act by placing a physical prompt in your environment. When you do act, you record it and increase your winning streak. Over time, your winning streak becomes bigger and bigger. This is incredibly satisfying. 🤩

When we find something satisfying, we are much more likely to change our behaviour. And that’s the naked truth.

This beating burnout top tip was curated with the help of Nati Lalayants. Thank you so much Nati! 🙌

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