Good Leadership Can Decrease Burnout Risk By 51%.

October 10, 2022

In September 2022 we surveyed 199 professionals (thank you to those that took part😊).

We discovered the following:

18% were at low risk of burnout.

66% were at moderate risk of burnout.

16% were at high risk of burnout.

Interestingly, the biggest issues each risk group faced were almost identical:

1️⃣ Too much work (48 mentions).

2️⃣ Not enough resources (43 mentions).

3️⃣ Hard to know what to prioritise (28 mentions).

There was only one exception. Bad leadership. This issue ranked differently in the 3 risk groups:

Low risk = 7th.

Moderate risk = 2nd.

High risk = 1st.

Even if you don't know what to prioritise, don't have enough resources, and have too much work, having a good leader can keep you firmly in the low risk group. 🀯

In fact, good leadership can reduce burnout risk by up to 51%. 🀝

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This Beating Burnout top tip was created by Team Velbi.

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