Is Your Behaviour Causing Your Team To Burnout?

September 8, 2022

Team leads have been known to manage their team's burnout by sticking band-aids over it, rather than extinguishing the root cause.

These 'band-aids' might take the form of:

"Take tomorrow off."

"Skip the next meeting."

"Work from home tomorrow."

But, what if these suggestions don't help? What if your team are still feeling the same, 1 day, 1 week, or even 1 month from now?

In fact, what if you were the main cause of stress and burnout for your team?

The best managers reflect on their own behaviour first. They do this because they:

🤝 Want to support their team in the best possible way.

🤐 Understand that people find it hard to confront their managers.

🤔 Recognise that the way that they act influences the company culture in a big way.

In your 1-2-1 meetings this week, be brave, be bold, and ask your team the following 3️⃣ questions:

"What do I need to [INSERT ONE OF THE BELOW]:

1️⃣ Start

2️⃣ Continue

3️⃣ Stop

doing, to get the best out of you?"

You'll quickly identify the small changes you can make in your behaviour that will have a BIG impact on the wellbeing of your team. 🤯

Trust us.

This burnout top tip was curated by everyone at Team Velbi. Go team. 👏

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