I’ve Got Too Much Work…Help Me Delegate!

September 27, 2022

You’ve got too much work and you need to delegate some of it. But how?

Here’s our 6 step guide to delegating like a pro. 🥇

1️⃣ Know what to delegate

If you feel like someone can complete the task to 70% of the standard you can, then it can be added to your delegation list. 📃

2️⃣ Make it clear what you want

Make the result of the task clear from the offset. ✅

3️⃣ Explain why it is important

Describe the motivation and context behind the task. 💭

4️⃣ Compliment the person you are delegating too

Tell them why they are the most suited for the task. Everyone enjoys a compliment! 😊

5️⃣ Set the deadline and budget together

Let them know what the deadline is and if there are any budgetary constraints. 📅

6️⃣ Decide how you’ll keep in touch

Will you update each other, daily, weekly or monthly? 🤝

🏆 Want to upgrade from delegation pro to delegation champion? 🏆

Focus on having a two way conversation. You can do this by asking the following questions:

1. Do they agree with the end result? Can they think of anything more valuable? (Step 2)

2. Do they need any support? (Step 4)

3. When do they think they can get the task done by? (Step 5)

4. What is their preferred way of keeping in touch? (Step 6)

This Beating Burnout top tip was created by everyone at Team Velbi. Keep rocking it Team!

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