Make Vacation Days A Monthly Team Target.

September 8, 2022

You can prioritise your tasks (smart), you can block-book time in your calendar for deep work (very smart), but nothing will make you feel more energised than taking vacation days (very, very, smart). 🌴

The problem is, that nowadays the majority of us feel guilty about taking them (🙈):

“I’ll just have more work when I come back, so there is no point.”

“I don’t want to burden my colleagues with the extra work, they already have enough on their plate.”

“I’ve got this important assignment to complete, so I’ll take vacation some other time.”

Taking vacation can carry negative connotations (👎). But in reality, vacation days are the best thing ever (🎉)! We just need to spend some time reminding ourselves and others that this is the case.

So if you manage a team, make vacation days part of your monthly team targets. For example…

“Each team member will take at least 2 vacation days this month.”


“Our team will take a total of 10 vacation days this month.”

This will help create a culture where…

🥳 taking vacation is encouraged;

🙌 your team have less risk of burning out;

📈 your team are way more productive!

Should we go on?

This Beating Burnout top tip was curated by everyone at Team Velbi. Keep it up you lot!

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