The Ultimate 1-on-1 Can Increase Employee Retention By 67%.

September 23, 2022

Research has shown that a well delivered 1-on-1, between a manager and a team member, can increase employee retention by up to 67%.

Here’s the recipe for the ultimate 1-on-1 🍯:

‍For Team Leads

πŸ” Make it weekly.

⌚ Make it between 20-30 minutes long.

🧠 Ask these questions:

‍1. What did you enjoy at work last week?

2. What did you dislike at work last week?

3. What are you focusing on this week?

4. How can I help?

πŸ‘‚ Listen more than you talk.

😊 Make sure they enjoy at least 20% of their work. Question1️⃣ helps a lot with this.

‍For Companies

πŸ“’ Make 1-on-1s part of a Team Lead’s job description.

⬇️ Reduce the number of responsibilities a Team Lead has so they can focus on getting to know their team extremely well.

πŸ₯‡ Aim for a ratio of 1:5. 1 Team Lead to every 5 employees.

Taking these steps not only improves retention but can also increase the number of fully engaged employees at work by 77%.


The research for this Beating Burnout top tip was taken from the HBR publication: β€œDesigning Work That People Love.”

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