What Not To Do To Enjoy Your Summer Vacation.

September 8, 2022

It's officially the summer season! Hooray. 🌞

To help you unwind, we've made a list of things not to do to help you enjoy your summer vacation.

💼 Plan meetings for your first day back in the office 💼

You're likely to have received lots of emails and messages during your time off. Give yourself a day to go through these. It will help you 'catch up' and feel on top of work.

📩 Encourage your team to put you in cc of emails 📩

It feels tempting. What if you miss a big issue while you are away? The truth is, by the time you get back, the issue has probably already been dealt with. Avoid missing anything by booking 15 minute meetings with each of your team members on your 2nd or 3rd day back at work.

🏃‍♂️ Using your vacation as an excuse to 'catch up' 🏃‍♀️

"I'll do this now because then I won't have that much to do when I get back." This is dangerous thinking and can quickly became an unhealthy habit. Why? Because something else always comes up. Be strict with yourself. Vacation means vacation. Otherwise you'll never feel truly rested.

🫐 Forget to cover up when you go blueberry picking in the Finnish forest 🫐

You will get eaten alive by mosquitos. Seriously. Stef learned that the hard way.

In the spirit of following our own advice, Velbi will be shutting up shop for a well deserved summer break. The next edition of our Beating Burnout newsletter will be released 03.08.2022. 🤝

p.s. And one more thing. These tips actually apply to all types of vacation, summer, winter or a long weekend in Ljubljana...

This burnout top tip is based on the research and success stories of Team Velbi.

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